Treehouse Campground

In general, we like our creature comforts, but we decided to ditch technology recently and do a little camping. Alright, I admit I brought my ipad... and my cell phone... and my GPS... and my camera. But in all honesty the ipad was mostly used to read Grimm's Fairy Tales so that doesn't count, right? I have excuses to cover the rest, but I won't bother.

The point is, it was just our family, with no distractions, for two nights of relative calm.

The Treehouse Campground covers all levels of campers, from people who want a tent-site, to fully enclosed cottages with wood stoves. We chose a cottage and I was so, so glad we did. The first night it poured rain. Torrential downpour. Since the campground is on the side of a steep hill, the pathways turned into waterfalls. The power went out, which didn't matter much, except that the bath house was not an option for a while, but hey, that's what happens when you are camping. Despite the mini-monsoon we were cozy and warm in our cottage, reading stories and making dinner. There was even an impromptu shadow puppet show.

Is that an amazing monster, or what?

The next day, we woke up to sunshine and bright skies, a lovely reward.

Looking around the campground there are some great options of places to stay. And I hope we will be back soon.

Magnolia, our cottage (left) was one of the most highly appointed. I really wanted to peek into Blackbird (right), because it had a tree growing right through the middle.

After a well-deserved greasy breakfast, we headed out to explore the area. I'll post more on that later.


Treehouse Camp

at Maple Tree Campground

20716 Townsend Road

Rohrersville, MD 21779

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