Summer List


I think it's becoming a tradition to make our summer list. Sharing it here makes it more permanant. A few items are left over from previous year's lists, and a few are repeats that are becoming traditions in their own right. Here goes:

  1. Make ice cream. We'll share our new recipe soon. It's really fun.
  1. Make ceviche. That's a repeat from way long ago. Really? I can't get this done? It's not even cooking.
  1. Visit a friend (who just had a baby). It's unfortunate that it takes such a monumental event to get us to visit, but at least now I have the perfect excuse.
  1. Conquer the old foundation (but in the nicest possible way). This part of our yard has been a constant eyesore, but it could be the most amazing garden. I'm going to aim for somewhere in the middle. I want spaces where the kids can plant and dig and play, but also a teeny-tiny bit of clarity. That means not too many weeds, and a handful of intentional plantings. A sitting area would be nice too.
  1. Set up a junky pool. Not so nice as an official above-ground pool, but a step above your classic blow-up pool. I'm looking for a little more square-footage, and a filter since we are on a well and refilling is tough. Yes, someday in my perfect life maybe we will have an in-ground pool, but until I have a pool boy to take care of it, I'm going to put that one off.
  1. Swimming lessons. Always. I think that when your kids learn to swim it is the most dangerous time of all. You know, when they *think* they can swim, but... I have two "swimmers" at this stage so a two week intensive refresher course is not optional.
  1. Make dog biscuits. Also a recipe to share. No, we don't have a dog, but my daughter has set her sights on helping animal shelters so the biscuits will hopefully be donated.
  1. Grill. Grill. Grill. We just got a new grill. Cooking dinner outside is not only fun, but keeps the heat out of the kitchen.
  1. Start a big kids’ reading club for my little ones. Let's be honest. This is just a ploy to get my son to read.
  1. Make salad and ratatouille from garden(s). Salad is accomplished. Now on to ratatouille.
  1.  Naturalize backyard. That is another part of the yard that we are trying to tame. We have a good start, thanks to the mountain of woodchips that we already had delivered.
  1.  Woodcuts. A daddy/kid project.
  1.  Smithsonian day trip/picnic.
  1. A visit to Longwood Gardens. I haven't been for ages and I know the kids would love it.
  1.  Cut path to stream. A big challenge, but why not?
  1.  Make scones. Mmmmm....