Summer Wrap Up


I'm not quite ready to end summer, but it's leaving, with or without me. We managed to sneak in some, but not all of our summer goals, and many things of course that weren't on the list. The garden did okay, but just okay. There were a few distinct wins though, like my first home-grown artichoke (above), and pounds of potatoes.

We played at the beach, made ceviche (finally, and yes it was delicious), made ice cream, went swimming, went to a water park, camped in a tree house, explored caves, went to an amusement park, set up a junky pool in the backyard, watched fireworks, and cooked out on the grill with friends. There were other things too, but I can't list everything. All in all a good summer. And let's not forget wrapping it all up with the earthquake and Hurricane Irene. Maybe that part was a little less good, but being without power for 2 ½ days is making us rethink our emergency plans for the winter, so it's not all bad.

I hope your summers were just as lovely.