The Ultimate Block Party is Coming to Baltimore

WHAT: A play celebration at the Inner Harbor

WHEN: Sunday, October 2 from 11am-5pm

WHERE: Rash Field at the Inner Harbor



photos courtesy of The Ultimate Block Party

Even though we make a concerted effort to minimize scheduled activities, they keep sneaking in, and before I know it, I'm rushing to the next lesson, or event, or whatever. It's not just me. The amount of playtime kids get has steadily decreased over the years.

For this very reason, the Ultimate Block Party was born, an event which was first held in New York's Central Park and then moved to Toronto. Baltimore's Ultimate Block Party is coming next! Sponsored by Baltimore City Public Schools' Family Institute, Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute, the Goddard Schools, the Walters Art Museum, T. Rowe Price, Sprout, Child First Authority, the Center for Jewish Education and others, the Ultimate Block Party is a chance to get out with your kids and just play. Take a little time to dress up like railroad conductors, fly paper airplanes, do yoga, make hip-hop music and much more.

So get outta here. Go play!