Recently, while visiting my parents at the beach, I found Velvlet placed on my bed. Velvlet is special. My very favorite doll from when I loved  dolls. Her real name was supposed to be "Velvet", but at age 4, I got it wrong and it stuck. She came with a big sister named Crissy that my big sister received (and hated), but I loved Velvlet and she traveled with me everywhere. I decided at some point that she needed makeup, and that explains the magic marker on her eyelids. Her hair was designed to crank in and out of her head, so that she could change hairstyles — a concept that is rather terrifying if you think about it. Now it is a knotty mess that feels like straw.

Emma, my younger daughter, seemed interested in Velvlet right away. Maybe part of it was that they both had the exact same dress. On that particular trip, Emma just happened to have brought my old flower girl dress with her, a hand-me-down that has survived many kids in amazingly good shape. Emma is quite used to hand-me-downs. In fact, she receives so many hand-me-downs (and never complains) that she has received a nick-name. Emma-hand-me-down. And before you think that her nickname isn't nice, let me tell you that she loves every single one of them. Fancy dresses from her princess cousin, or practical shirts from her big sister. Every single one of them is a brand new to her. So when Emma, who isn't all that interested in dolls, seemed interested, I gave Velvlet to her.

The two became inseparable. I find Velvlet tagging along on car rides and tucked in with her at bedtime. I love that my doll has a new home, because honestly, I hate dolls...

...but oh, do I love Emma.