The Nature Army

What? You haven't heard of it yet?

I remember making up clubs as a kid. Usually they had some pure and noble purpose, but fell apart when our 25 cent dues failed to add up to anything useful. Or maybe we just plain old lost interest. Mostly though, I think our clubs fell short because we kept them to ourselves. They were secret. Just for us. So go away.

Not so with the Nature Army. My daughter started the club ages ago, and cousins, friends and yes, even siblings were welcome. They came up with projects to help the earth. They started a Nature Army Fund that was built by occasional chores (we don't believe in paying for chores, except for special instances) and by selling hand-painted pots and candle holders at various art shows.

And now they even have a blog.


The masthead, which I am rather fond of, was designed and photographed by the Nature Army, and all of the posts will be written by members. New members are welcome. Check out The Nature Army Count of Supreme Awesomeness for details on how kids can join. Nope, no scary initiations here, just kids doing things to help nature, and then sharing what they did. All comments will be moderated by yours truly. Go Nature Army!