Why I Love Work

I've been having entirely too much fun at work lately. I've been illustrating a project for McGraw-Hill publishing and I am thrilled to share the first part of the series, The Little Red Hen.


Over the years, I find my illustrations have become less and less serious, so children's publishing has become a wonderful match. And who can be stressed when your work-day consists of drawing farm animals?


I also love that my work is extremely portable. I can (and have) put together illustrations in the carpool line, at swim lessons, or on stay-at-home sick days with the kids. When I have a few quiet hours at the studio sans kids, that's good too. But in the real world of balancing work and kids, flexibility is key. And hard work is required — not just for the grown-ups, but for the kids too. Everyone needs to pitch-in and help. Working together is not optional.


As for the little red hen, some stories are eternal. She does the work alone, she eats the bread alone. I like my way better.