Why the Sea is Salty

Today I'm sharing another book that I illustrated this year for McGraw-Hill. Why the Sea is Salty is a Filipino folktale. This story is part of the KinderBound series, which is a 4-week educational program designed to transition preschoolers to kindergarten.

The story is set on two islands, surrounded by a saltless sea. A friendly giant lives on one island and has mounds of salt.


The villagers live on the other island. They come up with a plan to get some salt to their island so their food will taste good.


I had a lot of fun sneaking the little crab into lots of the pictures. He became a mascot, and was used in the workbook that accompanies the story as well. 


I won't give away the ending of course, but keep an eye out for the KinderBound series in your child's preschool program!