Coop Dreams

We're getting closer to chicken day. 2 more weeks. So we've started planning the coop. 

This guy? He's a little too excited and started drafting plans right away, using Legos of course.


I was fairly set on ordering a kit, although nothing seemed quite right. Dave started drawing out some plans, and more plans, and more plans until he had something that started to work. Honestly, it looked a whole lot better than some of the kits, and judging from how the treehouse project turned out, I knew we would have a much better result.

The coop area, will sit off the ground, and give our hens about 16 square feet to nest. The attached run is 48 square feet. We have some foxes, hawks and racoons around, so everything needs to be predator-proof. And as much as I like the idea of letting them wander around free-range all day, I don't think they would last long that way. But I do plan on letting them wander around the yard while we are at home.


Dave started framing it last weekend and of course, his helper is never far from his side. Stay tuned to see how it goes!