Got a Minute for Milkshake?

The Baltimore-based kids' rock band we all know and love, Milkshake, has an exciting new project coming up — a CD of their PBS one minute songs plus 20-30 brand new songs all lasting 2 minutes or less.

To fund the project, they have turned it into a Kickstarter Campaign. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a fantastic way for creative people to get funding for their projects. Incentives are offered at different levels to encourage people to back the projects. If the project gets fully backed, the funds are released to the artist and the incentives go out. If not, no money changes hands.

Milkshake is already well on their way to raising the $14,000 needed to produce their album, but the deadline of March 18 is fast approaching! Backers of the project can sign up for a wide range of rewards including classic Milkshake tutu's, a house concert with Lisa and Mikel, or even time in the recording studio as guest producer.