What’s in the Box?


This was on my doorstep. Perfectly on time. And peeping quietly. 

The website at My Pet Chicken warns you to open boxes like these away from kids. Chicks almost always show up just fine, but just in case I rushed home to meet my box and carefully cut the tape.

There they were. Four perfect little chicks, huddled together, but very much alive.


Does this one look angry?


I put them under a heat lamp, on some nice clean pine shavings and set up their water and food, then went to pick up the kids. I don't think the chicks have had a moments rest since they've been here. I caught a certain someone hiding in the "chicken room" doing homework. And every morning, the kids are ready for school extra early so they have time to visit.


We have 2 Buff Orpingtons...


and 2 White Silkies. Don't they pose nicely for their portraits?


And sometimes, after a hard day, they fall asleep, right in our hands.