Chicken Update, plus Giveaway Winner

There are chickens living in my basement. Not cute fluffy chicks. Chickens. The finishing of the coop has been a priority around here, but the weather, and various commitments have not made that easy. 

I suppose it's a little too cold to send the chickens permanently outside just yet anyway, but I am pretty sure their welcome will wear off in the next week or two. Today they were able to get some quality playtime in the yard.


They have all been named, despite my warnings that chickens are not pets. The Buff Orpingtons, Lily and Hazel, are turning into lap chickens (and occasionally shoulder chickens, a habit that I think needs to end). They come over and hop on our hands. They climb up our arms. They flap madly when we try to put them back down because they just want to hang out with us, up high. They love the attention. 


The Silkies are fluffing out nicely and starting to look a little like muppets. They are more skittish, but over the last few days even they have consented to being held. Here they are checking out their new roost, in the coop. Their names are a bit unfortunate, but they stuck. Sassy, and Molassey. Sorry.

And here is the coop, still in progress. I'm becoming more concerned about predator protection. A Cooper's Hawk landed on our fence the other day, quickly identified by my daughter. It was as if he knew the chickens would be outside soon.


On an unrelated note, our giveaway winner is Jennifer! Congrats, and I will be in touch to arrange for your silhouette portrait.