First Egg


I've been a little obsessed. Last night I dreamed we found eggs all over the chicken coop — a big green spotted one, and more notably, a cube shaped one. Each one was different from the next, but each one was absolutely perfect in its own way.

We've been checking the coop for weeks now, but everyday it's zip. Nada. Nothing. And why should I expect anything different? After all, it's not like anyone told the chickens what they are supposed to do. I'm rather amazed how they seem to follow all the chicken rules without any instruction. The first time we watched them go into their coop, just at dusk, and put themselves to bed, I was dumbstruck. How do they know?

So today when I checked the coop, I was expecting to find nothing, except that the dream was still in the back of my head. And there it was. A tiny little egg, just where it should be, in the nesting box. Perfect, and fortunately for the chicken not a cube.

 Now, how do we split it 5 ways?