Picking Berries at Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm


This morning was cool and crisp and we were feeling pretty lucky as we marched off to pick blueberries. Hybridoma Farm opened its doors to the public for berry picking in 2011. This morning, the owner and farmer, Robert, greeted us at the berry stand, pointed us to the blueberries and handed us all buckets. As he sent us off, he apologized for the weeds around the bushes, but this is a certified organic farm and I take the occasional weed as evidence that this farm is the real deal. By the way, there aren't a lot of weeds. It's really nicely weeded and mowed, so we got right to work.


Our main focus today was blueberries, but there are other berries here too. Black raspberries were available in smaller quantities, and red raspberries will be coming soon. There were even some yellow raspberries and gooseberries coming later in the season.


My kids are completely up for the task of filling all of our buckets. But we stopped after about 10 pounds. Of course, I had to promise them a return trip. I don't think that will be a problem.


Now, what do we do with all these blueberries? First on the list was to eat a big bowl, plain. Then the kids made a really good cobbler that we spooned over ice cream. The remainders will be eaten tomorrow, or frozen for the winter. Maybe we can fill the entire freezer and have cobbler all year long. I'm for it. Kids, get back in the car. 

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Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm

13734 Baldwin Mill Rd

Baldwin, MD