Summer, Summer, Summer!

The beginning of summer is always such a good time to plan. Not big things, just other things. Things that always seem to slip by. Spring is fading (as usual, too quickly). I am impressed, though with our bumper crop of peas. I almost let them get ahead of me.


This year, my daughter has been obsessed with birds. Her current plan is to study ornithology at Cornell. Yes, Cornell, and yes, we are saving. Maybe a scholarship will work out, right? But in the meantime, her obsession has made her, and by default me, super-aware of some of the nests that are appearing around our property. Of course, there have been many nests over the nine years we have lived here, but I have been aware of exactly none of them. Now there are three that we are/were watching: the mourning dove nest in the honeysuckle, the house wren in the birdhouse and...


there is a carolina wren nest in the pine shavings bag on our deck. I need those pine shavings for the chicken coop, but it's not going to happen. Pretty speckled eggs have claimed the bag, so I will have to wait, and maybe even buy another bag for the chicken coop.

Now onto summer plans. I've lined up the regular camps and classes for the kids, and a few new things to try. But here are my "others." 

1. Visit Fort McHenry. I'm embarrassed that I never have, even though I have lived in and around Baltimore for the last 24 years.

2. Buy a new violin for my daughter. She has moved beyond her current violin, not in size, but in quality, which kind of makes me sad. Buying a new violin apparently requires a trip to Bethesda to the best violin shop around. While we are there, there must be something else to do or see in Bethesda, but what? Suggestions?

3. Spend more time in our very own backyard. Our property backs up to a small stream. Last weekend we walked down to the stream with our neighbors and I felt like I was walking through a tropical rainforest. So lush and beautiful. We really are fortunate to have this place and yet I rarely go down to the water. I always have an excuse. Something glamorous like "too much laundry to fold," or "I'm working." Both of these are universally true, but I need to make some time.

4. Make art with the kids. You would think that would be a daily event around here, right? My friend Jen Cooper, over at Classic Play is teaming up with  Lulu the BakerAlexandra Hedin and MJ from Pars Caeli to post crafts, games and party ideas all summer long. I will be checking in. I promise.

5. Plant as much as I weed. I spend a huge amount of time every spring weeding. It's a pointless activity and I'm not quite sure why I bother. If I don't plant anything in that spot, weeds will be back in the blink of an eye. I'm only stalling nature. My new plan is to crowd out the bad with the good. Now I have the perfect excuse for more trips to my favorite nursery

6. Eat more tuna tartare. We order it at the nearby sushi restaurant whenever we go there and it probably takes all of 5 minutes to throw together. Why have I never done this at home?

So that's my rather small summer list. I am a firm believer that you can overplan summer and no one wants to do that.

I'd love to hear what's on your summer list!