Illustrations for the New York Times

I've been illustrating a lot of stories lately for the New York Times column, "18 and Under." Pediatrician Dr. Perri Klass writes about a wide range of kid topics – from baby on up to college. Sometimes the topics are a bit challenging (how do you illustrate a story about kids and constipation?), but I admit that the editorial geek in me loves solving the puzzle. So here's a roundup:

This is the most recent one, for a story about how roommates can affect your college-aged child. I got to draw a strangely neat dorm room inside two gigantic heads. What could be better?


And this illustration was for a story about manners (or lack thereof) in the doctor's office. I put a baby doll in it, which I think is pretty trite for an illustration on kids, but it's okay because I pulled it's head off.


Best title ever – "To Smoosh Peas is to Learn." This story is about how babies learn by touching, smearing and feeling their food.


Traveling with kids to exotic places. What could go wrong?


This story is about how to handle shyness with kids. I can totally relate. As a kid I felt painfully shy, and I see the same tendency in my daughter. But my son – not a shy bone in his body. I think he's the kid in front.


 And back to older kids, this story was about getting your kids ready to take care of their health needs as they head off to college. Yep, we'll be there in just a few years when our oldest graduates high school.


Okay, here it is – constipation and kids. Sometimes, you just have to keep drawing, and drawing, and drawing until you figure it out.