Making Soap, sort of...


"Making soap" isn't really accurate for this project, but "melting and reforming soap" just isn't a catchy title. So here we go.

These soaps made great holiday gifts this year. They were incredibly easy to make, not expensive, and definitely not messy. Afterall, how hard is it to clean up soap?

The variations on this could be endless, so experiment and have fun.

You will need:

Higher temperature glycerin soap base
Lower temperature white soap base
Scented oil
Soap molds and/or empty cardboard juice cartons with the top cut off
Soap cutter or sharp kitchen knife
Glass measuring cup

1. Start by making the colored cubes. Microwave higher temperature glycerin soap on high, in a glass measuring cup. Microwave until it becomes liquid. Soap melts really quickly, so keep constant watch on it.

2. Add colorant and stir. We used a liquid colorant. Feel free to mix the colors as you like. I'll take any excuse to work in a little lesson on color theory.

3. Add scented oil and stir.

4. Pour into soap molds or carton. Let cool for 30 minutes or until set.


5. Remove soap from mold or carton and chop into 1/2 inch cubes. Cutting the soap is extremely rewarding. I had to fight for a turn. Afterwards I handed the soap cutter back to the kids. They were able to manage just fine, but you may need to supervise.


6. Melt lower temperature white soap. You could add more scent or colorant here too.

7. Now combine the cubes with the soap base. Drop glycerin cubes into carton while at the same time pouring in the white soap until the cubes are just barely covered. It helps to have two people working on this at the same time. Let set until firm. Peel away carton and cut into bars. All done!