A Tiny Healthcare Rant, and a Tip

I've been watching our healthcare costs skyrocket. Have you? I know some of these changes are for the good, and I'm trying to just wait out the chaos. We're self-employed, and therefore have always been self-insured. Our insurance has more than doubled in the last two years. Now I've realized there is a new thing I need to watch – the cost of prescription medicines. I always thought that they cost what they cost. Maybe that was naive of me. I knew my prescription card probably gave me a bit of a discount, but for the most part I assumed we were all on a semi-even playing field. 

We are not.

My kids have mild seasonal allergies. Nothing big. But recently I've been shopping around. Long story short, today I held two bottles of the same medicine in my hands. Same brand, same dosage, same store, same everything. One cost $14.00. One cost $125.00. The pharmacist seemed only slightly surprised which makes me think this happens all the time. 

Shop around. The website I used was goodrx.com. I highly recommend it. When I saw the crazy-high price today, I pulled out my phone, showed the pharmacist the price I wanted and it was fixed in a jiffy. My question? If it costs less than $14.00 to make this drug, where does all the extra money go?