Stop Motion Project (introducing Mr. Sea Horse)

Animation is a recent obsession of my son's. It is entirely possible that he's found a loophole in the limited screen-time rule. He's using my iPhone to make these, and I'm planning on moving him over to my iPad, which admittedly is an even larger screen.

But when I watch what he's doing, I can't help but love it. He's drawing. He's telling stories. He's taking hundreds of pictures and so patiently moving his drawings bit by bit. He's even editing and adding sound. Here is his first story:

And the story continues...

I'm curious to see how far this project will go. If you would like to try your own, the app we are using is Stop Motion Studio.  I highly recommend it. It's a free app, with add-ons you can purchase if you need them. We also attached my iPhone to a tripod with this tripod mount. All we need now is better lighting and a stable work table and he will have a pretty decent animation studio.

So good, in fact, that I might just use it myself.